About Us
We are a group of students, faculty, and interested community members dedicated to neuroscience and bringing knowledge and awareness to Galveston. Join us!

​We bring fun science activities into our community to promote science literacy and inspire the next generation of scientists.
​We strive to share our passion and knowledge with everyone in the community. We design small group activities and demonstrations to teach complex neuroscience concepts in ways that are exciting and accessible to kids of all ages and adults.

​Contact us if you feel we could bring these activities to your event or school.


Chapter of the Year Award - 2015

UTMB President's Cabinet Award

UTMB Alumni Newsletter

The Chapter-of-the-Year Award recognizes outstanding chapters for their efforts and accomplishments across a broad range of activities that are in line with the mission and strategic initiatives of SfN.
​UTMB President's Cabinet Award recognizes our current success in educating our community while also providing us with funding to expand these activities throughout 2017. We are excited to see where this takes us.
Neuroscience graduate students reinstate group and win top award

Read about our Chapter Recognition covered by the UTMB Alumni Association.
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